Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire

Using advanced  carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, Arcadia Cleaners provide a variety of furniture and upholstery cleaning services across Cheshire, Crewe, Northwich and surrounding locations.

Benefits of our service

  • Advanced training
  • woolsafe approved service provider
  • Extensive experience
  • Convenient, safe & reliable
  • Professional equipment
  • Powerful suction – Rapid Drying
  • Domestic upholstery cleaning
  • Commercial upholstery cleaning.

We can clean:

  • Furniture upholstery cleaning
  • Couches and Settees cleaning
  • Suites, 3 piece suites cleaning
  • Seating / Chairs cleaning
  • Car upholstery cleaning & repair

Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire, Crewe, Middlewich – Arcadia Cleaners

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Both DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL customers, across Cheshire and Warrington, love our friendly and efficient service!

The upholstery cleaning process

  1. After checking the fibres of your valuable furniture, we proceed to use specialist fabric cleaning detergents and stain releasing formulas, which releases all the soiling from the fabrics.
  2. We then use a specialist upholstery tool (at the correct temperature and water flow rate for your specific fabric), rinsing the solution out and leaving them PH neutral.
  3. This flushes out the soiling, odours and brings your upholstery back to life, with minimal wetness thanks to the specialist upholstery tool and our powerful vacuum. This gives us drying times of hours instead of days, and using air movers to disperse the left over moisture, leaves your upholstery (in some cases) dry and ready to sit on as we leave.

Advanced training and extensive experience, and a dedication to offering the highest quality service, conveniently, safely and reliably delivered to your home or business premises. We use industrial strength vacuum wet extraction systems. That means powerful suction & Rapid Drying.

Service coverage

Trained upholstery cleaning technicians available across Cheshire:

  • We have also invested heavily in training for our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning staff, so we can clean safely and effectively to give the best results possible, wool and acrylics plus lots of other types of fabrics respond differently to different cleaning solutions, so knowing what you are cleaning before you begin, is critical.
  • We are trained to identify hidden dangers like colour run, shrinkage and jute bleed, and are forever being called out to dry out upholstery that other cleaners have left far to wet and starting to smell.
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Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire

  • Utilising our expert training and the same advanced high vacuum extraction equipment, but with tools tailored for your upholstery and furniture rather than your carpets, please read more about our upholstery cleaning service in Warrington, Cheshire
  • Searching for reliable and professional Cheshire Seating cleaning services? Contact us today for more information.

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Believe it or not – it takes longer to clean a 3 piece suite than it does to clean a 3 bed house full of carpets, why? Because material sofas need care and attention when cleaning them, upholstery can’t just be rinsed with water and then extracted like carpets can. They are woven from fine fabrics which need time, commitment and extensive training to achieving an excellent result, something that we adhere to when it comes to our soft furnishings & upholstery cleaning service in Cheshire.  Domestic couch upholstery cleaning Cheshire – contact us for a quote



▶ Why use our services?

First of all, check out our promises. Most websites say they use the best equipment to clean your carpets, well we don’t just say it we prove it. We charge a fair price for our services, like for like we believe we offer the best value for money cleaning in Cheshire. Our machinery allows us to clean deeper than our competitors so your clean lasts longer, we leave your carpets dryer than our competitors, our ongoing training programmes allow us to identify stains and how to treat them better than our competitors and therefore producing a far superior clean. So now our price becomes true value for money. Beware of low low prices, you will get companies turning up with low powered electric machines, no training so they could leave your carpets worse than when they arrived, carpet will probably be soaking wet, and worse of all, if they are cheap then they aren’t getting paid much so you have to ask the question, would you want someone who is low paid snooping around your house unattended. Trust is our middle name, guaranteed.

▶ Do we provide an anti bacterial treatment / anti allergen treatment?

Yes in those situations where antibacterial chemicals are needed to kill bugs and bacteria in carpets and upholstery we use various professional and advanced chemicals including Clensan from ProChem – One of Europe biggest carpet cleaning chemical suppliers. Clensan acts on bacteria and bugs in your carpet and upholstery fibers and can help reduce smells associated wish water leakage, pets, chemical spills and smoke smells.

▶ What cleaning equipment do we use?

We use a high powered machine to clean your upholstery quickly, effectively and safely. We first apply a cleaning solution carefully matched to suit your particular type of upholstery fibres, before agitation to loosen dirt and soils. The fibres are then hot water (steam) extracted under high vacuum pressure to get to the deepest ingrained dirt and stains extracted, leaving your upholstery, almost if not completely dry when we finish.

▶ How do we clean upholstery?

We use extensive experience, the most advanced equipment and a lot of care and attention to clean your upholstery effectively and safely. You can watch about a video about how we clean upholstery here.

▶ Do you do emergency call outs?

Yes we can be contacted sometimes out of hours to respond to floods and water damage situations affecting Carpets, Upholstery, Leather Furniture, Natural Stone Flooring, Tile flooring, victorian tile flooring, slate flooring, Vinyl, Kandean, Amtico, Altro Safety flooring types. Coverage right across Cheshire. Please contact us today

▶ How much will it cost?

Every job is different and unlike many companies that offer a set price per room and then cut corners to make a profit – we prefer to provide a free and no obligation survey / quote so that you the customer knows exactly what you’re paying for and can appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail we show. But we are sure you will be impressed by the affordability compared to national carpet and hard floor cleaning chains, and the outstanding results and attention to detail you can expect from us, as a family-run business.

▶ Do you offer eco friendly upholstery cleaning services?

We are dedicated to managing our impact on the environment by trying wherever possible to use environmentally friendly upholstery cleaning products and methods – and at no additional cost to you.

Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire, Crewe, Middlewich – Arcadia Cleaners

FREE No-obligation Quote & Advice

Both DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL customers, across Cheshire and Warrington, love our friendly and efficient service!